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Los Angeles based Playback Innovations has developed custom control and management tools to harness the power of EVS' newest file transfer offerings and codec flexibility. Six EVS HD/SD XT[2] video servers were used on the recent Country Music Awards and the American Music Awards telecasts for all production playback elements and to feed the many on-stage screens for these spectacular events.

The Pi controller by Playback Innovations is an event based controller allowing a single operator to efficiently handle all playback demands of the fast paced, live, entertainment style production in complete synchronization with the shows planned rundown. The PI Content Manager, using EVS based tools, was used to ingest the complicated on-stage elements faster than real time. Critical metadata was maintained throughout the file transfer process, from content creation and through to final playout, allowing complete control over the screen content feeding the 28 playback channels at the CMA’'s and the 32 playback channels at the AMA’'s.

Content was created in a variety of industry standard tools and in a variety of formats. For the CMA's High Definition content for main show playback was created in Apple's Final Cut Pro using the Apple ProRes422 codec. All of the content was delivered as QuickTime movies which were automatically copied to the XT[2] server for playback.

Of particular interest was the requirement for a rapid turnaround element that was sponsored by Old Navy. Live show content for the in-show feature was captured on the XT[2] and transferred to an on site Avid Media Composer. The content was sent to the Media Composer via Avid Transfer Manager Software as a background process, requiring no intervention from the editor. This meant that the editor was free to continue the edit, and did not have to stop the creative process to open the capture tool and digitize new material. Likewise, the finished package was sent back to the XT[2] for play to air without the need to output to videotape, and then re-digitize into the playback server.


Playback Innovations has developed a state of the art, purpose-built control system, known in the industry as Pi Control, for multi channel server control.  Depending upon your specific needs, Pi can be used for direct Play To Air and/or for Screens Content.

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With our proven solutions and extensive experience, Playback Innovations Media Management Services allows you to easily make the transition to a tapeless environment today.

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