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2012 Academy Awards®
Pronology, a joint venture between Playback Innovations and WheresMyMedia, is proud to unveil its innovative and interactive solution for the 2012 Academy Awards®. Pronology combines an end-to-end file-based delivery solution with a user-friendly management suite. This producer-friendly dashboard provides an unprecedented level of visibility and creative control over thousands of creative assets. Pronologys centralized solution aggregates and organizes the numerous creative elements:

The large number of graphics for on-set displays

Audio recordings of the presenters

Hundreds of pre-produced playback pieces

The Mill, primary graphics production facility for this year's event, used the Pronology tools to contribute media assets to a centralized server for creative approval and ultimate play to air. From their location at the Hollywood and Highland Center, production personnel were able to view the content and make comments that were instantly visible to the graphic artists who were off site. Through this real-time interactive process, their creative vision was implemented faster than had been previously possible.

Last year's winners traditionally lend their voices to this year's nominee packages. The logistics are such that the stars are only available to do this just before the broadcast. Pronology's solution provided the infrastructure that allowed for content to be easily exchanged between the recording operation at the Hollywood and Highland Center and Chainsaw, the facility charged with editing and delivering all of the final elements.

A broadcast event of this magnitude requires hundreds of playback elements to be created prior to broadcast. Pronology's interactive platform allowed content to be exchanged between multiple geographic locations with a simple and intuitive browser-based interface. As security is a large concern for an event of this magnitude, Pronology secured all access to the content through a combination of file encryption and user authentication methods. Chainsaw had already used the Pronology tools to great success. “In an environment where there is a large potential for miscommunication and human error, Pronology provided us with the technology to simplify the workload,” said Chainsaw co-owner Mike Polito.

“Even though the Academy Awards is the biggest entertainment show of the year, we do not shy away from technological innovation,” said Tad Scripter Engineer-in-Charge. “The enormous amount of content generated for the broadcast is a logistical challenge to manage. Pronology provided a solution that enabled the show producers and playback operators to organize and search through the large number of elements. They could easily view all of the clips that had been prepared by the various content providers right from their computers, without having to tie up the broadcast truck. They made notes and approval decisions that were instantly visible back in the edit facilities. The artists could then make changes that were immediately pushed back to the playout servers at the venue. This made the creative process truly collaborative.”

Designed by industry professionals who understand the needs of creative producers, Pronology is a complete end-to-end solution from acquisition through distribution to archive. The Pronology tools are agnostic to every step in the process. As Pronology co-founder Jon Aroesty explains, “Our technology recognizes that the most important, and often overlooked item in any tapeless workflow is still the people. We have been very careful to design our system to work the way people are accustomed to working, and not force them into anything that is uncomfortable.”



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