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The transition to a Tapeless environment is accomplished easily and painlessly with Playback Innovations Media Management Services.  Through its proven solutions and strategies, PI enables those clients who do not wish to carry the full-time overhead of in-house asset management, to take advantage of the efficiencies of an end-to-end file-based workflow. Thus, clients retain complete control of their media management in a completely tapeless environment, while achieving cost savings.

PI offers two types of media management services. Under the PI system, the delivery of content, whether internet or intranet, live stream, delayed stream and VOD are currently available to all clients. The services involving secure archival of content, submission and approval processes are currently in test mode with few select clients.


Playback Innovations manages Ingest from a variety of sources and locations, including file-based contribution from the most popular NLEs and animation programs, both on show site and off. The front end web browser is intuitive and user friendly, allowing for multiple points of contribution such as different post facilities, whether on or off site. The PI web browser “Dashboard” enables production personnel to see at a glance what elements have been delivered and approved, and what elements are still outstanding. Material destined for a specific segment within a given show, can be tagged with informational metadata that will be instantaneously recognized by the PI playback system for automatic placement in a show rundown.

If the post-production facilities are located on site, the PI system allows for exceptionally fast and efficient media delivery. The post operation can “push” content and define clip metadata and attributes without waiting for the availability of the playback operator. This file-based delivery is faster than real time.  At the same time, this process eliminates the loss of quality that is inherent in traditional processes, which require outputting to videotape and then re-digitizing the content into the playback servers.

In addition to allowing the delivery of high quality media to the show site, PI also makes it possible for high quality content that is acquired on location to be delivered back to the editorial facility.  Using this capability, any given production that requires a quick turnaround can upload both line records and ISOs via high speed connectivity to its post facility.


Content generated in post-production or recorded at the show site, can be simultaneously uploaded to the Playback Innovations data center for secure, long-term archiving. Based on specific show requirements, content stored at either the PI data center or on site can be transcoded to most other formats for stream delivery to the Internet or VOD applications. The entire process is managed via a simple, intuitive, web-based interface enabling true collaboration between the post production team and the show producers. Media is delivered directly to its intended destination, in the proper format, thereby increasing productivity and avoiding file type incompatibility.

Finally, PI’s system enables producers to have their editors continue to work from their post facilities where they are most comfortable while retaining the ability to make timely changes to show content.   PI has forged partnerships with leading post production facilities to enable complete off-site contribution points. This allows editors and artists to work in comfortable, familiar surroundings, saving the expense of travel and on site logistics, without giving up the ability to implement content changes expeditiously.


As content is delivered from one or more edit bays, the Playback Innovations Media Service can send out an email or mobile device notification to one or more producers. As the high resolution original is delivered to show site, the system will also create a web friendly, low resolution proxy for off site screening and approval. The PI system can flag the high resolution original as “pending” until a producer screens the content and marks it as approved.


Any media destined for the show site is managed at the Playback Innovations data center and delivered quickly and efficiently to the proper destination. PI’s web-based “Dashboard” gives quick and easy status on all delivered and expected content.


Content created for the Internet and VOD is managed by users via the Playback Innovations web “Dashboard.” Based on the specific requirements of a show, content may be delivered once and efficiently re-purposed for multiple alternative delivery outlets.

Playback Innovations has developed a state of the art, purpose-built control system, known in the industry as Pi Control, for multi channel server control.  Depending upon your specific needs, Pi can be used for direct Play-To-Air and/or for Screens Content.

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